No.01 | Spring Color | June , 2013 | Tehran | Iran

No.09 | Memorial | January, 2016 | Tehran | Iran

● Technique: Acrylic | From D.L. Mural group
● Fellow artist in execution process: Ali Davtalab
● Selected at the private mural call of the Mural Department- Tehran Beautification Organization
● This mural is the face of one of the youngest people killed in the war with Iraq (Hussein Fahmidah) in 1980. In this work, we tried to avoid the common stereotypes of face representation in Iranian murals, which is full of violent atmosphere of war. By selecting the image format taken from American artist “Graig Alan” in addition to present the person who died, the atmosphere of one of the busiest squares in Tehran is also inspired. The gathering of people from different corners to protest against war and remind the memory of the dead. This work is also one of the new methods presented to represent the face in Iranian murals. The visual differences and avoiding common elements and political ideals of the war murals, attracted the attention of the newspaper “Alpasi” and comparing it with other works of the past.

35°42’04.4″N 51°23’13.5″E