No.021 |Return | April , 2014 | Tehran | Iran

No.02 | Return | April , 2014 | Tehran | Iran

● Technique: Acrylic | From D.L. Mural Group
● Fellow artist in design and execution process: Hojat Saadatfar
● Selected (second prize) of the second National Mural Biennial – Tehran Beautification Organization

● In this painting, Iranian visual patterns obviously have been used to combine tradition and modernity. Design has been chosen to fit the wall and the material of the wall. Unfortunately walls of Tehran are visually so disturbed and inconsistent. Therefore, in the design of mural, the co-ordination between the idea and pacifying the atmosphere must inevitably be observed. The concept of the critical influence on the use of heterogeneous materials and urban space and the lack of specific law in the coordination of urban representation. The concept is derived from the visual space of the paintings by Kamal-ed-Din Behzad, Iranian painter of the 15th century . You can see majestic figurines of the Khornagh Palace, which once made one of the most beautiful palaces in Iran, with the difference that this time they are destructing and collapsing an ugly and heterogeneous building, and with the improvement of space, an angel has appeared from the sky as a sign of approval.

35°44’23.5″N 51°15’39.1″E