Leila Delfan was born in one of the smallest towns in West of Iran Lorestan, in 1986. Having grown up both next to a supportive family and natural aptitude her love of the art grew tremendously. In 2004 After completing her education in an only art academy, she decided to leave her hometown for studying at international Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and managed to take A certificate in painting in 2009. The interest was cultivated during those years and further developed when she moved to Tehran and opted to take her Bachelors Degree in Painting at the University of Tehran with A degree.
Throughout her years of study, her passion for discovering the visual capabilities of her image led her to explore and recognize other areas of visual arts, which led her to master the fields of illustration and graphics. Recognition and skill in various branches of visual arts created a mix of works with a completely pure and personal statement, which made it known as a multimedia artist.

In 2011, after taking over the department of wall painting at the International University of Tehran, she was fascinated by the complexity and breadth of the audience of this multimedia field, which made her fully specialist and enthusiastic in this area. She believed that mural and urban arts In terms of its communicative nature has abundant abilities in aesthetic, clerical, psychological and cultural, artistic, political. furthermore, the artist can seriously study the process of creating pre-implementation work and raising team spirit and project management.

In a short time, She managed to establish her position as one of the best-known national artists with numerous positions in this field, such as obtaining the diploma of honors in the mural in the 2nd and 3rd national biennial of wall painting, as well as performing completely unique works.

The belief that mural painting is not just about the artist’s interaction with his personal world, and there are many parameters and factors in this area that in a perfectly individual process, you can not ideally project and execute projects without a team was an incentive to set up “Doosheh Designer Specialist”

In various projects, the design and implementation of the art and art of artists resulted in the implementation of unique works in the city and acquiring skill in managing the process of designing and implementing a large project which caused the national and international media, such as El Pasy, examined the features and differences of the works created by the artist with the works of past decades in Iran.
The name of the group ” Doosheh” is derived from the cave name in her hometown in the western part of Lorestan province, the first human wall paintings by the early humans on its walls.

What makes it different from the works done by her and her creative team is observing the harmony of the concept, form, and space of the wall art with the highly dispersed architecture of metropolises such as Tehran and creating the necessary coordination between wall art, wall, visual and expressive factors in the environment and the audience. With a unique ability to display them. In the majority of her works, using ancient image patterns has increased richness and identity that has always been the subject of interest by the audience.

After presenting numerous works throughout the country, and with the increasing level of knowledge and achievement in the implementation of her future work plan, the creation of relevant and valuable works internationally and globally, regardless of the safety restrictions in implementation in Iran.

Beyond limits in Iran, she intends to carry out works that are appropriate and valuable internationally and globally.